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New from, a 2014 calendar created especially for the Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War, the second in a series for each of the Civil War years. This calendar features our unique Civil War maps for each month and short text summaries of what happened that month in 1864. Key events of 1864 are shown on the corresponding days of 2014. In addition the calendar shows birthdays and ages of prominent Civil War figures as well as deaths that occurred.


Each map shows the campaigns and major operations that were active during the given month. No line of control is shown since there really was none at any point. Armies were not large enough to establish a continuous front and units frequently operated deep into enemy territory. Major battles, and all skirmishes and minor actions that occurred are shown on the maps but not named. Major battles are those designated as such by the National Park Service and all of them are noted on the calendar.


A note on holidays: holidays as we know them today were not celebrated in the same way in 1863. Most of our modern holidays did not exist at that time.


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