World History Maps - Interactive Historical Atlas of the

American Civil War Nov 6, 1860-June 25, 1865



On the maps, events are shown by purple X's. The size of the X is determined according to the classification of battles by the National Park Service Civil War Sites Advisory Commission. In its 1993 report, 384 battles were classified 1 thru 5, with 5 being the most important. We have followed this system with the addition of one lesser size to show the remaining thousands of minor actions. There are therefore 6 different sizes of X's. Otherwise red is used for CS and Blue for US forces and entities. Forts are shown with small squares. Field armies are shown with circles. The size of the circle is indicative of the relative size of the army but no attempt has been made to determine absolute sizes of forces. Army department names are shown in italicized text. Army department borders are shown with dashes. State and city names are shown in red or blue text according to which side was in control on any given day. All towns with population over 1,000 are shown in the southern states, over 3,000 in the northern states where towns were much more numerous. Railroads are shown with green dashes.